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The Bullmastiff is both good with children and a great guard dog. Some may decide that guard Dog training is essential for a good guard dog. The Bullmastiff does not require as much guard dog training because the Bullmastiff was solely developed and bred to be a guard dog. The Bullmastiff was bred to aid gamekeepers in protecting the game on large English estates. Poaching on the estates was an expensive problem for the landowners, and it was the gamekeeper’s duty to catch the thieves. Gamekeepers needed a dog that could track quietly, cover short distances quickly, and pin and hold poachers without mauling them. Gamekeepers experimented with several breeds, looking to the mastiff, who was too slow, and then the bulldog, who was at the time a more ferocious combined the best of both breeds for the job required of him. He is now primarily a family companion with a calm, dependable disposition when properly trained and socialized. The Bullmastiffs guarding instinct is usually noticed on average at the age of 8 months to 18 months some as early as four months. There is no difference between a male and females guarding ability.



BREED: Bullmastiff


GROOMING: Comb and brush with a firm bristle brush and shampoo only when necessary. There is a little shedding with this breed. Check feet regularly because they carry alot of weight and trim nails.


LIFE SPAN: 8 to 10 years, though some have lived for 14 years.


COLORS: Fawn or Brindle or Red, each with a Black mask.


MALE HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 25-27 inches/110-133 pounds


FEMALEHEIGHT/WEIGHT: 24-26 inches/100-120 pounds


LIVING AREA: The Bullmastiff does’nt need a lot of space to be happy as long as it is able to get sufficient exercise time. This is a breed that won’t really move around too much when its indoors, but will enjoy a small yard if you have one. Just remeber they aren’t tolerant of extreme weather conditions or temperatures. You will also not have to have a seperate kennel for this breed. They will want to be close to the family they are protecting and loyal. If this breed can be in the house and at least near you, that will keep its mind at ease.


TEMPERAMENT: The Bullmastiff has a docile, calm and independent temperament. It is a devoted dog and loves human attention. It is always alert, reliable, observant and protective which makes it a perfect watch dog. They do not bark in excess but bark with a cause. This breed is very reserved unless aggravated. It is tolerant with children and it is also very affectionate. However, the Bullmastiff is an imposing dog so you should be firm when hadling it and show it you are in charge.

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