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                                   One Year Health Warranty and Purchase Agreement

Buyer will have puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian(at buyers expense)within 48 hours of delivery. We guarantee puppy to first birthday to be free of congenital life threatening disease such as lung, kidneys, liver, cancer and including hip dysplasia(excluding internal and external parasites. Buyer must contact seller IMMEDIATELY  of the congenital life threatening disease. Two written statements as to the life threatening disease or death of puppy must be presented from licensed Veterinarians. If puppy is diagnosed with congenital life threatening disease or hip dysplasia it will be replaced with a puppy of equal value.  Buyer is not to put puppy down without contacting seller first. The seller is not responsible for problems derived from negligent immunization practices of buyer. Texas Dream Bullmastiff is not responsible for any Veterinarian bills. Warranty is only valid to buyer of puppy, it is nontransferable. This contract is null and void if terms and conditions are not fulfilled by buyer. Seller does not warranty Show/Breeder quality,size,color and temperament. This agreement of placement of puppy is between Texas Dream Bullmastiff (seller) and __________________(buyer). Purchase amount $________ Shipping costs $________ Deposit amount $-_____ Balance Amount $_________ due before shipping or at time of pickup. Sire:________________________________ Dam:_________________________________ Comments:_________________________________________ __________________________ Deposits are non-refundable. If for some reason buyer decides he/she doesn't want a puppy from this litter the deposit will go towards next available litter. Buyers Signature:____________Date_____ Sellers Signature:___________Date_____ Buyers Full Name:_____________________ Address:______________________________ City:________________ State:__________ Zip:_______ Phone#_____________Cell#______________ Puppies Id.#________________ AKC REG.#___________________ Date Received:________________________ Breed:__________________________ Comments:_________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________

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