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Some people say we ask too much for our puppies, here is the reason why...

Nutrition is one of the most important subjects that must be covered in order to enjoy a happy and healthy puppy with a strong immune system. Not only will your puppy be happier and have the possibility of living a longer life, but it could save you alot of money and stress on the long run.


We had a painful experience with one of our females, who was diagnosed with diabetes and died a year later weighing only 50 lbs and completely blind. Thats when we started doing a little bit of research about the cause of her sickness since she was only 6 years old. We found out that dogs are related to wolves, which are carnivorous same as dogs. I also researched the dog diet history and found that in the 18th century there was a drastic change from raw meat to mixed grains and lard. By the 1950's big companies that we know now started manufacturing dog food. However, even well known dog food brand names add grains to their product. The problem is that dogs cannot digest grain properly causing a nutrional unbalance. Thats why we see dogs with alot of health problems like allergies, diabetes, mange, heart disease, weight problems, cancer, joint issues etc., at a very young age reducing their possibillities of a happier and longer life.


About a year ago we switched to half raw food (beef and chicken) and half grainless premium kibble, organic raw vinegar, organic coconut oil, raw eggs, goat milk, and omega 3 supplements. That's what we feed our adult dogs so when the puppies are growing in their mothers wound we make sure that they recieve the proper nutrients that they need. Because healthy parents produce healthy offsprings. 


As you can see we spend alot of money and time feeding our dogs a better quality diet. Assuring that you'll recieve a good quality healthy puppy with a strong immune system.  Not to mention that our dogs bloodlines are from some of the best in the world with an outstanding temperament. Remember that quality and health is priceless. Please consider this if you think you are paying too much for your puppy.





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